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Trouble accessing softwareforge or projectforge?

Having trouble registering for a account?

Follow our Access Instructions and Troubleshooting Procedures BEFORE sending a support request.

Submit an Incident Report

For SoftwareForge: Submit a SoftwareForge Incident Report

For ProjectForge: Submit a ProjectForge Incident Report

If you can access SoftwareForge, you may submit an Incident Report to our Support project. Please provide as much detail as possible in your description (steps you took, URLs you are trying to access, site your project is located – SoftwareForge or ProjectForge, browser you are using, etc.)

If you are unable to access the Support Project to submit an Incident Report, you may request assistance by emailing directly or by calling the Service Desk at the following numbers:

  • Comm: 1-844-DISA-HLP (1-844-347-2457), option 1, 5. Remain on the line for Service Desk Technician.
  • DSN: 850-0032, option 1, 5. Remain on the line for Service Desk Technician.

Please note that Incident Reports can be submitted to the DECC Oklahoma City Service Desk 24/7 including Federal Holidays, however support hours are M-F, 0800-1700 (Eastern) and closed on Federal Holidays.

If you need to report a Security Incident (Spillage), please follow your local security process and contact the team immediately at AND the 24/7 Service Desk then take the actions in the Security Incident (Spillage) FAQ.

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